“The most important of which is to identify the reasons for the apology.” 4 requests to Al-Ahly in his speech

03:16 PM

Monday 25 April 2022

Books – Ramadan Hassan:

Al-Ahly club management sent an official letter to the Egyptian Football Association, in which it identified 4 demands, the most prominent of which is to determine the reasons for not bringing in foreign referees from the five major leagues.

Al-Ahly’s administration had officially asked the Football Association to bring in foreign referees for the team’s next two matches against Tala’a El-Jaish and Ceramica Cleopatra in the Egyptian Premier League, provided that the club’s treasury bears all the necessary costs.

Al-Ahly explained in his speech that the club’s management had previously addressed the Football Association several times over the past two years, to advance the arbitration system and to address the repeated arbitration errors that raise controversy and cause a state of congestion among the masses, but so far no effective steps have been taken in this regard.

In his letter, the club also confirmed that it requested the recruitment of this distinguished type of foreign referees to be a technical addition to the Egyptian League, and to benefit from their expertise to avoid errors affecting the results of matches.

In his speech, Al-Ahly identified 4 points:

1- Providing Al-Ahly with the reasons for the apology of the five countries for sending referees to the Egyptian League, or officially announcing those reasons through the media.

2- Inform the club whether these apologies from the five countries are temporary or permanent.

3- The club adheres to assigning its matches (which it determines) to foreign referees from the five European leagues and in accordance with the criteria referred to in its letters to the Football Association.

In the event that this is not possible for the matches of the Vanguards of the Army and Ceramica for reasons related to these countries and announced through the media by the federation, in this case Al-Ahly is waiting urgently to be informed of the earliest date in which he can bring in foreign referees from these countries.

4- That the club receives as soon as possible the remaining dates from the league table in order to determine the matches that foreign referees from the same countries are required to run and with the same criteria.

Al-Ahly also confirmed in his speech that he did not request the recruitment of foreign referees from a particular country, but rather indicated in his correspondence that the Football Association (as he sees it) choose referees from any of the five leagues that come first in Europe, in order to face any apologies that may come from some these countries.

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