Future crosses El Gouna .. and a fatal victory for Smouha over the clearing

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The 16th week of the Egyptian Premier League competitions for the current season 2021/2022 opened with an exciting victory over El Gouna (3-2) and fought for Smouha against Misr El-Maqasa (1-0), while Ghazl El-Mahalla tied with Farco (1-1).

Ghazl El Mahalla and Farko

Ahmed Modi opened the scoring for Farko in the 13th minute after he took advantage of a corner kick to head the ball into the Mahalla net.

In the 63rd minute, the hosts managed to adjust the score through substitute Walid Mustafa, after he evaded more than one player before firing a powerful shot with his left foot from outside the penalty area to enter the right corner of goalkeeper Mohamed Saeed’s goal, and the result became (1-1).

The two teams shared the points of the match, bringing Ghazal El-Mahalla his score to 20 points in seventh place, to remain behind Farco, who is ranked sixth in the standings after raising his score to 22 points.

Formation of Ghazl Al-Mahalla: Amr Shaaban, Muhammad Fathallah, Moaz Al-Hanawi, Hani Adel, Mustafa Al-Esh, Hamid Maw, Ahmed Al-Nadari, Paulun Fawafi, Hisham Balha, Abdo Yahya, Abdul Rahman Atef “Aguero”.

FARCO formation: Muhammad Saeed, Jefferson Encada, Abdullah Bakri, Ahmed Modi, Ramy Sabry, Azmy Ghouma, Ahmed El Bahrawy, Kingsley Succari, Mahmoud Hamadeh, Shukri Najib, Ahmed Sherif.

Smouha and Misr El-Maqasa

At the Alexandria Stadium, Smouha waited until the 82nd minute to open the scoring through Sherif Reda, after the player received a pass inside the area to hit the ball beautifully on the bird inside the clearing Egypt net.

Smouha regained the path of victories to raise his score to 26 points and rise to fourth place from 15 games, while Misr El-Maqassa’s balance froze at 10 points to remain in the 17th place before the last.

Formation of Smouha: Omar Salah, Rajab Nabil, Mohamed Shoukry, Sherif Reda, Mohamed Hakam, Mohamed Kanaria, Ahmed Homs, Mustafa Al-Khawaja, Siddiq Ojola, Marwan Hamdi, Abdel Kabir Al-Wadi.

Formation of Misr Clearing: Mohamed Magdy, Ali Fathi, Ahmed Sabiha, Ali Al-Masry, Mahmoud Fahmy, Karim Halawa, John Avery, Ahmed Moneim, Mohamed Adel Amo, Hisham Hafez, Saeed Al Wensh.

Future and El Gouna

And at the “Al-Ahly we Al-Salam” stadium, El-Gouna needed only five minutes to open the recording through Amr Tarek with a header that landed in the net of goalkeeper Mahmoud Jensh, and waited for the referee to verify the correctness of the goal through video technology.

In the 36th minute, Future managed to equalize through Tunisian Ayman Sfaxi, after he took advantage of a pass inside the area to turn the ball easily into the net of Islam Tariq.

Ahmed Refaat turned the table after scoring the second goal for Future in the 47th minute, as he received a cross from the right front to hit the ball past El Gouna, and the result became (2-1) for his team.

El-Gouna equalized in the 65th minute with a header from Mohamed Naguib after a corner kick.

In the 81st minute, Ahmed Atef put his team, Future, in the lead again, after he took advantage of a pass inside the area to turn it into the El Gouna net, and the result became (3-2).

El Gouna was forced to complete the match since the 88th minute with ten players after Amr El Saadawi was sent off.

With this result, Future raised his score to 25 points after achieving his third victory in a row and becoming fifth in 15 games, while El Gouna’s balance froze at 17 points in 11th place after playing the same number of matches.

Future formation: Mahmoud Jensh, Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed, Marwan Al-Sahrawi, Mahmoud Merhi, Joseph Nguyem, Karim Nedved, Mohamed Farouk, Mohamed Reda Boubou, Ayman Sfaxi, Ahmed Atef, Ahmed Refaat.

Formation of El Gouna: Islam Tarek, Amr Tariq, Mohamed Naguib, Alan Kiambady, Amr El Saadawi, Nour El Sayed, Islam Mohareb, Mohamed Rizk, Islam Abdel Naim, Mahmoud Al Shabrawi, Khaled Qamar.

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