Electricity subsidy in Jordan.. The bills of these categories will not witness an increase in tariffs

The file of electricity subsidies in Jordan is still a priority for the government and citizens, especially with the start of implementing the new tariff starting this April, with fears of an increase in electricity prices.

At the beginning of this month, the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission began implementing the subsidized electric tariff that every Jordanian family benefits from for one subscription of their choice, including the Jordanian woman who has a family book in her name and grants support to more than one meter for one family whose member works or studies outside the governorate .

For his part, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Saleh Al-Kharabsheh, called during a meeting with the general managers of electricity distribution companies in Jordan, today, Monday, in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Energy, Amani Al-Azzam, and the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Minerals and Sector Regulatory Commission Hussein Al-Laboun, the electricity distribution companies to cooperate and provide assistance to citizens ; To ensure reaching the target groups with electricity subsidies.

Categories will not see an increase

Kharabsheh stressed that reorganizing the electric tariff announced since the summer of last year will not raise electricity prices on any of the vital sectors, but rather reduce the cost of electricity on many economic sectors to varying degrees, such as commercial, industrial, hotel, agricultural, and hospitals.

He pointed out that the new electrical tariff eliminated the maximum load tariff for all sectors in order to enable these sectors to reduce their operational costs and enhance their competitiveness; Hence, the possibility of improving service, reducing prices and attracting more investments and job opportunities.

He reiterated that the majority of Jordanian subscribers in the domestic sector will not feel any change in the value of their bills, and those whose monthly bills are less than 50 dinars (consumption of less than 600 kilowatt hours) will not be affected.

He pointed out that owners of renewable energy systems below 3.6 kilowatts and beneficiaries of the National Aid Fund benefited from a fixed subsidy of 2.5 dinars ($3.53) for consumption below 200 kilowatts and 2 dinars ($2.82) for consumption from 201-600 kilowatts/hour.

Jordanian Energy Minister Saleh Al-Kharabsheh
Jordanian Energy Minister Saleh Al-Kharabsheh

Electricity support platform

The Jordanian Minister of Energy called on the citizens of his country, who did not register on the electricity subsidy platform for the electric tariff, the necessity of registering to continue to benefit from the subsidized electric tariff that started working as of the beginning of this April.

He said that registration through the specified website is necessary, important and easy, and does not involve complications, and that each family member can choose one meter to benefit, as it is not required that the meter be in the name of the beneficiary to obtain the electricity subsidy tariff.

He pointed out that the electricity subsidy platform allows for the possibility of registering subsidies on an additional meter for workers and students outside their governorates, explaining that the two million household subscriptions consume about 90% of them less than 600 kilowatt-hours per month.

He said, that home subscribers wishing to benefit from the electricity subsidy tariff and who are subject to the conditions of support must register through the announced website directly without the need to attach a title deed or a lease contract.

remove distortions

Kharabsheh estimated the value of the savings achieved from removing electrical tariff distortions at 50 million dinars (70.52 million dollars), saying, “No penny of it will enter the treasury,” but will be directed to support the economic sectors.

The Jordanian Minister of Energy stressed the importance of having the effects of reducing tariffs reflected on the products and services of these sectors, according to a ministry statement.

And he indicated that the reorganization of the electric tariff aims to direct government support to Jordanian household subscribers, temporary passport holders, and residents of the Gaza Strip residing in the Kingdom, in addition to reducing the electric tariff on the productive sectors.

Electricity subsidy application mechanism

For his part, Hussein al-Laboun said that the authority is following up with the electricity distribution companies the mechanism of applying the electricity subsidy tariff, especially after adding workers and students outside their governorates, stressing the importance of registering on the tariff website to benefit from the electricity subsidy.

He called on those who face difficulties in registering to go to the offices of distribution companies or contact the National Contact Center or the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Authority.

He explained that the category of workers and students outside their governorates, in order to benefit from the subsidized tariff, the ownership of all electricity meters must be in the name of the head of the family or one of its members, including the family meter that has been previously granted subsidy, and that the worker outside the governorate is covered by the social security umbrella.

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