Attacker in defense.. How does Guardiola plan to face Real Madrid?

03:51 PM

Monday 25 April 2022

Cairo – Abdel Qader Said:

The world of football is awaiting the Champions League semi-final first leg between Manchester City and Real Madrid at nine in the evening, tomorrow, Tuesday, Cairo time, at the Etihad Stadium.

Manchester City suffers from the absence of the duo Kyle Walker and Joao Cancelo, who play in the right-back position, there is little doubt about the possibility of Kyle Walker recovering and entering the accounts on match day, but the Spanish coach does not prefer to take risks.

Many English reports indicated that Pep Guardiola started thinking a few days ago about choosing a player from the list who could occupy the right-back position, and another to play at the left-back position instead of Cancelo.

In the left-back position, there are only two options, either to play the Dutch defender Nathan Ake, or the Ukrainian player Zinchenko, but the crisis is on the other side.

Pep Guardiola does not have any player who can occupy the right-back position at the moment, so he must choose a player to try in this position for the first time against Real Madrid.

Brazilian Fernandinho played as a right-back at the beginning of Guardiola’s era with City, but he is now advanced in age and will not perform the requirements of the position physically against one of Europe’s biggest clubs.

Guardiola said a few days ago to the media that he is considering giving one of the attacking wings training sessions to participate in the right-back position against Real Madrid.

The newspaper “Daily Mail” indicated that Guardiola is planning to push the Brazilian Gabriel Jesus in the right-back position instead of Kyle Walker.

Jesus is the only striker in Manchester City’s list, and he is in great spirits after scoring four in his last appearance in the Premier League against Watford, but he may turn into a defender against Real.

Guardiola did not take long to respond to these speculations, commenting, “Vinicius against Jesus, it will be a good battle in football, but Jesus will not play as a right-back for the whole match, perhaps for only minutes.”

And if Jesus does not play in the right-back position, Guardiola may push one of his attacking wings in the same position as he previously stated, revealing in any case a shocking change in positions.

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