The fate of the homeland between conjecture and intransigence


The fate of the homeland…between conjecture and intransigence

Outside the Labyrinth / Muhammad Ateeq

The hostile alliances that appeared in the arena signaled that the December revolution had turned the first page of its march, and that it would proceed to complete it only with the living forces in its arena.

The major change movements – and the Sudanese revolution of December 2018, including them – that inherited huge piles of crises in everything, and faces forces of varying dangers, need such movements to look for urgent tasks that unite their parties and thus for partners even from the ranks of the enemies who do not need to confront them in The first stage of its life, and because of the importance of a phased deal with them..and this is what happened – in a way – when the forces of freedom and change were forced to accept the participation of the military in leading the transitional period, and that is what we called a stage of the first page of the revolution .. but the military – the partners of the period The transitional – from the remnants of the fallen regime (and they became leaders imposed on the regular forces and thus partners in the transitional period and with it the armed movements known as the Revolutionary Front), and for various reasons that do not need to be repeated here, these military began to betray the covenants from the beginning when they overran the powers of the civil government and took away Its most important files, ending with the complete coup against that civil component and the revolution with the coup of October 25, 2021..
This is an alliance that includes the military component and its allies in the Revolutionary Front (the armed movements), and despite the contradictions and conflicting ambitions within it, it has now become the major stumbling block in the path of the revolution.. Then other alliances:

The parties to the fallen regime, after the October 25 coup granted them liberties and returned to them the various “stolen” properties that had been confiscated by the Empowerment Removal Committee (the most important achievements of the civil component for two years). It is to return to power with a new face, smiles and slogans.. This is a party that tried to overthrow Burhan to gain strength in its internal struggles, especially in the face of the ambitions of the leader of the Janjaweed, in addition to his primary role in confronting the people and its political struggle forces, but it (the parties to the fallen regime and the forces of political Islam) is a party that has dreams. And his calculations and bitterness, especially against the military component as traitors to it when she entrusted them to her throne one day in the face of the rebellious people, in addition to his accumulated experiences in managing the state..

And another alliance resulted from the participation of more than seventy political parties and armed movements in signing a charter they called “the consensual document for the management of the transitional period” to be used by Al-Burhan/Hemedti’s coup as a political incubator for him.
Despite the news that some forces have, everyone says that the one who signed the document does not represent him, and that this denial remains theoretically recent unless practical punitive measures are taken against them. However, the event (drafting and signing the document) indicates that the coup forces are actively seeking To establish political entities to shelter in, and alliances with which to oppose the revolution as it rises, and to strengthen the parties to the coup in the conflict that will explode soon when the ambitions of both Burhan and Hemedti collide in ruling the country.

The most important significance of the coup that destroyed the civil-military alliance and its constitutional document is that it hastened the end of the stage of joint work between the civil and military components and pushed Al-Thawra Street and its forces to a complete estrangement under the slogans of no partnership, no negotiation, no legitimacy.. Thus, it became necessary for the revolution forces to meet and build their center The unified process of leading the flaming revolution, which has become a home for the youth of Sudan, is not lost on even the wounded and honorable martyrs with their drawings and bandages.

Despite the frequent calls for this unity, and despite its increasing importance in saving lives by investing their creative millions on the path to victory and victory, we find that the forces concerned with these calls still insist on their stubborn speculative positions, except that:
The strong are those who sense dangers and penetrate into the future with their imaginations.
Brave are those who rise above the rights of others; They fight for it.. they belittle the “empty ones,” they perfect the homeland and the niches for redemption.
A gentleman is the one who embraces others, influences them, finds excuses for them, thinks well of them and advances them.
And does the homeland have a slumber? Or after a question?

And direct suggestions if there are deaf ears..


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