The Excellence Team in Karak teaches students electrical circuits within the “Business Challenge”

Lovely Dima
Amman – The leader of the Excellence Team from Zaid Bin Haritha School in Karak Governorate, Khair Al-Din Al-Suhaimat, talks about cooperation with the Injaz Foundation, as the beginning was in the second semester of 2022 through the “Volunteer” program with Injaz, which implements the Business Challenge Program in cooperation with the Prince Foundation Charles Global.
The team received training sessions, of two hours per week, with explanatory books on the program, the competition, how to approach the market, self-learning skills, practical ability and innovation of ideas.
Al-Suhaimat indicates that the team consisting of 4 students, Khair Al-Din Al-Suhaimat, Youssef Al-Suhaimat, Muhammad Al-Mahadin, and Ghaith Al-Riyati, came up with a project that they called RLC (symbolizing the electronic components, the resistor, the inductor, and the capacitor), which is concerned with teaching students simple electrical circuits And the complex using the kits in Jordan (a simple set of tools such as the tools used in the university laboratories, and how to operate the LED using a 5 v battery), which contains an instruction manual to teach children how to build basic circuits from scratch to professionalism.
He recalls that this idea came through educational courses during the holiday period during the “Corona” pandemic, and it began, through the support, motivation and encouragement of the Injaz Foundation, to form an appropriate team and urge him to work on the project.
And he talks about dividing the team for each student according to his level and ability to master it. It needs to be adjusted, and they are ready for whatever question or obstacle they face.
He assures that the volunteer and the teachers have provided assistance and support, while allowing them to participate in this competition and to experience a new scope of intellectual learning outside the scope of the study.
The volunteer talks with the Injaz Mufleh Al Mubaidin Foundation about the education, development and monitoring of students’ skills to complete a useful and important project for the students’ future, while teaching them volunteering skills and their importance in building societies by giving new opportunities and skills that will help students.
Student Ghaith Al-Riyati confirms that joining this team made him a different student with different and advanced knowledge, and he knew about entrepreneurship, how to work in a team spirit, giving the project its due, and how to think correctly to get the best product and the best job.
The Business Challenge Program, which is being implemented in cooperation with the strategic partner, the Ministry of Education, and in partnership this year with the LEAP Support Project for Women, supported by the Canadian government, the Mashreq International School and Ayla Oasis Development; Specialized trainings for students in project management with the help of qualified teachers and volunteers, with the aim of introducing students to the basic concepts in the world of entrepreneurship, and how to build effective strategies, and encouraging students to practice these concepts in practice through the application of an interactive simulation game on the computer.

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