The Coordinator of the Displaced Persons accused the RSF of killing “6” teachers in the Karnik incidents

The Karinak local education administration announced the death of «6» Teachers in the attack on the city of Karenik, which was renewed on Sunday by armed militias.

El Geneina – change

The city of Karinak, 80 km east of El Geneina, the capital of West Darfur State, has witnessed successive attacks since last Friday, against the backdrop of the killing of two shepherds at the hands of gunmen who fled into the city of Karinak.

The Department of Education mourned the death of “six” teachers in the Karinak incidents, in a statement today, and according to the Department of Education, the teachers who died in the events are Professor Al-Tayeb Muhammad Ishaq, Professor Abu Bakr, Professor Ishaq Hashem, director of the Murayat Elementary School, Professor Hashem Ismail, and Professor Abdul Karim Junda, and Professor Ahmed Kard.

start of attack

The official spokesman for the IDPs Coordination, Adam Rijal, revealed that the attacks began at around 6:20 am on Sunday morning.

“The gunmen are riding four-wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles, horses and camels,” he said.

He explained that the attack began with shooting bullets from various types of heavy and light weapons in the city, destroying the police station and local buildings, as well as looting all the city’s neighborhoods.

And men considered that these violent and systematic attacks are part of the manifestations of the security situation in Sudan, especially in Darfur, and said, “The situation in Darfur, which has reached the stage of whether we are or not, because there are parties that want to settle in the lands and lands of the victims who left their areas because of the conflict in Darfur. ».

Quick Support

The head of the Sudanese National Alliance, Taj al-Din Ibrahim Ismail, head of the new Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement, accused the RSF of violating the Karinak locality in West Darfur during the holy month of Ramadan.

“The Rapid Support Militia, backed by the Khartoum government, has attacked since this morning, Sunday, April 24, 2022 AD, the Karinak locality in West Darfur state, with a large force equipped with cannons and incendiary bombs,” he said. » He pointed out that they used four-wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles, and others on horses and camels, and said that a military plane flew in the area to provide them with accurate information, after which the attack took place and the entire locality was burned.

He stressed that the attacks left large numbers of dead and wounded, they were not counted in terms of the fact that the killing is still going on, along with the looting of the rest of the property.

He noted that this attack is the second during the beginning of the week, and pointed out that the first was on Friday, April 22, 2022 AD, which left a number of dead and wounded.

Taj al-Din stressed that in light of what he described as the continuous targeting of West Darfur state, the Sudanese coalition believes that the current government is the second term of the defunct government led by the ousted Omar al-Bashir.

He added, “We consider that the Juba Agreement is practically null because it has completely failed to provide the minimum necessities of a safe life for the victims, but rather increased the frequency of violence and took on more brutal forms in the Darfur region.”

He declared that there would be no chance for real peace and a united Sudan under this government, describing it as a miserable conspiracy against its people and with the presence of the Rapid Support Militia.


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