Lawyer for "Okaz": Had al-Ghaila is waiting for the killer of his relatives in Safwa - Saudi News

The city of Safwa in the Qatif Governorate lived last Thursday evening in a difficult situation, after a citizen of his family was burned inside their house under the influence of the drug (Shabu), and 4 members of his family (father, mother and two of his brothers) were killed.

Prince of the Eastern Province Saud bin Nayef interacted directly with the incident, and directed, under the follow-up of his deputy, Prince Ahmed bin Fahd bin Salman, to provide all means of care for the family members of the deceased in the fire incident, and also directed the security authorities to raise the results of investigations into the incident after completing the necessary procedures.

The region’s police announced in a statement that it had arrested a citizen who carried out a criminal incident by pouring gasoline and setting fire to their house, which resulted in the death of 4 people from his family in the city of Safwa in the Qatif Governorate. He was arrested, and legal measures were taken against him and referred to the Public Prosecution.

Statutory actions to be taken in such a case and expected judgment:

Lawyer and legal advisor Hisham Al-Faraj explained that after the conclusion of the inference procedures through the criminal police and the police, the accused and the entire case are referred to the Public Prosecution for investigation and an indictment sheet is prepared, which is reviewed and approved by a specialized committee in the Public Prosecution, and the indictment and the entire file of the accused are then referred to the court The criminal case, which will consider the case initially in a tripartite circuit (shared by three judges), they hear the case, after which they enable the accused to answer and defend himself in person or through a lawyer. common triple.

Because of the severity and severity of the crime, especially since the offender used drugs, prepared the flammable substance, closed all windows on his betrayed family, and killed the closest people to him.

Al-Faraj added that it is expected that a sentence will be imposed on him, meaning that he will be sentenced to death for the deceitful killing of those who entrusted him. From submitting an objection to the judgment within thirty days from the issuance of the judgment, after which the case is considered by a quinquennial circuit (consisting of five judges) in the Court of Appeal. From the issuance of the ruling, after which it is considered before the Supreme Court, and the latter considers the matter in a five-member circuit (consisting of five judges) to support or overrule the ruling.

Al-Faraj indicated that if the Supreme Court upholds the verdict to kill the offender, the entire case file will be submitted to the Supreme Court for the order to be implemented, and this is an additional guarantee for the accused to enjoy fair and correct trial procedures.

Al-Faraj indicated that in general murder cases, to ensure the validity of the judgment and its compatibility with the legal and legal procedures, the accused can seek the assistance of a lawyer at his own expense if he is able, or at the expense of the state if he is not able, and whether or not the convict objects to the judgment, the judgment of the three judges in the first degree is not sufficient First instance, and the transaction is obligatory to appeal, and then the Supreme Court to consider the case, and the total number of judges who are brought before them is 13 judges, after which it is placed in the hands of the Honorable Supreme Court to order the execution of the judgment.

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