AC Milan defeats Lazio and temporarily regains top spot in the Italian League


Milan regained the top spot in the Italian Football League standings, after its valuable and exciting 2-1 victory over Lazio, today, Sunday, in the thirty-fourth stage of the competition.

Milan’s balance, which won its second consecutive victory and the 22nd in the championship this season, rose to 74 points, to take the lead by two points in front of its arch-rival Inter (the title holder), who fell to second place, before playing its postponed meeting from the 20th stage with its host Bologna on Sunday. The next Wednesday.

On the other hand, Lazio’s balance stopped at 56 points, to remain in sixth place in the competition’s standings.

Lazio advanced with an early goal through top scorer Ciro Immobile in the fifth minute, but French star Olivier Giroud scored the equalizer for Milan in the 50th minute.

While everyone prepared for the match to end in a 1-1 draw, Milan snatched the three points, after Sandro Tonali scored the precious winning goal in the second minute of stoppage time.

The match did not witness the stage of feeling the pulse, as Lazio opened the scoring early through Immobile in the fifth minute, to shock Milan in the first moments.

Immobile received a cross from Milinkovic from the right to meet it with a direct shot, a few steps away from the goal, putting the ball to the right of French goalkeeper Mike Mainan, Milan goalkeeper.

Milan almost equalized quickly in the eighth minute, had it not been for the intervention of Albanian goalkeeper Tomas Strakosha, who caught the ball from outside the penalty area, so that Milan got a direct free kick from a good position on the field, but his player Sandro Tonali put the ball in the human wall.

Milan controlled the match, and its players took possession of the ball, but ineffectively, on the goal. Olivier Giroud received a cross pass from the right through Junior Messias in the 17th minute, to hit a header that went wide of the goal.

Immobile missed a sure chance to score a second goal for Lazio in the 23rd minute from the goal alone, after Mainan, who came out of his own line in a wonderful time, intervened and removed the ball in front of the Lazio player.

Immobile threatened Milan’s goal again in the 25th minute, after he shot from inside the area, but Mainan had him on the lookout, so the Lombardy team responded with a shot by Rafael Liao from the left of the penalty area in the 28th minute, but the ball shook the net from outside, followed by a shot from Frank Casey From inside the box in the next minute, Strakosha grabbed it firmly, after the ball went into the middle of the goal.

Strakosha saved another shot from Liao in the 32nd minute, before Giroud hit an uncontrolled header in the 37th minute, which went wide of the goal.

Milan players demanded a penalty kick in the 39th minute, after the ball touched the hand of Luis Alberto, Lazio player, so the referee resorted to the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technique, which indicated that the guests were not entitled to a penalty kick.

Strakosha stood in the way of Lazio receiving the equalizer, after brilliantly parrying a superb free kick from Theo Hernandez in the 44th minute, ending the first half with Lazio’s lead.

The second half began with an expected attack by Milan, in search of the equalizer, until he achieved what he wanted through Giroud in the 50th minute.

The veteran French star continued a cross pass from the left through Liao, to meet it with a shot from inside the area, putting the ball to the right of Strakosha into the net.

The morale of the Milan players rose after the equalizer, and they tried to score a second goal in light of the confusion of the Lazio players, but the attempts of the visiting team did not result in anything new.

Junior Messias led an attack for Milan in the 63rd minute from the right, until he reached the penalty area, but he hit a sloppy ball that went into a goal kick, while Liao tried to take advantage of the Lazio goalkeeper’s advance from his own goal, to hit a lobing ball (Loeb) in the 65th minute that missed the goal.

Milan intensified its attacks, especially after its experienced Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who hit a weak ball in the 71st minute, went into the arms of Strakosha.

Milan got a direct free kick from a good place in the 78th minute, when Theo Hernandez crossed it into the penalty area, but Strakosha was on time, so that the Lazio goalkeeper continued his brilliance after he blocked a shell from inside the area through Liao in the 84th minute.

Liao returned to practice his hobby of shooting, as he fired a shell from outside the area in the 86th minute, which was removed by Strakosha in a wonderful way, while Ibrahimovic shot from the right of the penalty area, but the ball hit the defense in the 89th minute.

Milan’s intense pressure resulted in Tonali scoring the second goal for the visitors in the second minute of calculated time instead of lost time.

And from a wonderful head pass from Zlatan Ibrahimovic from the left of the penalty area, he reached Tonali, who is a few steps away from the goal, to hit the ball with difficulty to the right of the goal, amid the crazy joy of the players of the Lombardy team after seizing the three points.

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