'Alone' Filming Has Taken Contestants to Some Seriously Wild and Rough Places

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Through the nine seasons that Alone has been captivating viewers on the History Channel, the show has taken contestants to locations off the grid and tested the limits of their mental and physical fortitude. Whether it’s in the farthest reaches of Northern Canada or the southernmost point of South America, the brave souls who have undertaken the Alone challenge have faced some of the harshest, most unforgiving terrains known to man.

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Only a select few contestants have emerged victorious from the cruel, yet beautiful landscapes that they’ve had to call home, and plenty have had to be evacuated because they simply couldn’t handle it (or worse, were injured while attempting to survive).

Nonetheless, here is a complete list of all of the locations that Alone has called home in its nine seasons on the air. Keep scrolling to check them all out.


Source: A&E

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Season 1: Quatsino, British Columbia, Canada

The first season of Alone saw competitors dropped in the Canadian hamlet of Quatsino. A part of northern Vancouver Island, Quatsino is home to just 91 people and is located on the Quatsino Sound. The location is only accessible via boat or floatplane. Beyond that, its closest neighboring settlement is Coal Harbour, directly to its east and roughly a 20-minute boat ride away. The town of Port Alice is also directly to the south of Quatsino, roughly a 40-minute boat ride away.

Season 2: Quatsino, British Columbia, Canada

For Season 2 of Alone, the show returned to Quatsino. The only difference between Seasons 1 and 2 is that in Season 2, contestants were dropped off closer to the region’s largest town, Port Hardy, which is located roughly an hour northeast of the hamlet, and is accessible by both boat and vehicle.

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Season 3: Patagonia, Argentina

The third season of Alone marked the show’s departure from the area surrounding Vancouver Island. Season 3 contestants were dropped at various locations spanning multiple lakes in the Andes mountain range foothills, some of the most unforgiving terrain on Earth.

Unlike the previous two seasons where the landmass was surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Season 3 saw contestants work with Atlantic-based food sources such as rainbow trout, small birds, and even wild boar.


Source: A&E

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Season 4: Quatsino, British Columbia, Canada

Season 4 had contestants return to the show’s roots in Quatsino yet again, but changed the rules up slightly. This time around, the courageous teams were set further apart than normal due to the 10-mile radius hike that showrunners required them to complete before they could eventually meet up at the designated rendezvous location.

Season 5: Northern Mongolia, Asia

The farthest relocation from Canada yet came to Alone for Season 5, when contestants were dropped off in Northern Mongolia. The episodes took place near Khonin Nuga, which is close to the city of Züünkharaa, Selenge.

Khonin Nuga is the name of a largely pristine valley near to the Khentii mountain range, where contestants had to prove they could survive.

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Season 6: Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territory, Canada

Season 6 marked the first time the show was renamed to align with its location, But Alone: The Arctic is a bit of a misnomer due to the fact that Season 6’s Great Slave Lake area isn’t exactly in the Arctic, but 250 miles south of it.

Nonetheless, the terrain of the area very much mimics Arctic conditions year-round.


Source: A&E

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Season 7: Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territory, Canada

Season 7 of Alone once again dropped contestants in the sub-Arctic area that is the Great Slave Lake region, but this time, the stakes became higher than they ever had been before. For Season 7, contestants simply had to survive 100 days straight in the wild, meaning that there could be multiple winners (or none). The contestant(s) to make it out the other side alive were awarded the show’s biggest prize yet: $1,000,000.

Season 8: Chilko Lake, British Columbia, Canada

The eighth season of Alone also saw the show’s title changed to correspond with its location. Alone: Grizzly Mountain showcased contestants dropped off at the first Alpine location the series has ever been to, over 3800 feet above sea level.

The lake that the location was based around is Chilko Lake in British Columbia. At 40 miles long, the glacial lake sits on the more dry eastern side of the Coast Mountains.

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Source: A&E

Season 9: Inuit land in Nunatsiavut, Labrador, Canada

Season 9 of Alone is here! One Redditor spotted filming long before the new location was announced and suggested the region was chosen for its abundance of black bears and polar bears. Sure enough, the History Channel’s official website confirms that Season 9 takes place in “a remote wilderness valley in Labrador, Canada.”

Although the season’s description hints at added danger “deep in polar bear territory,” the winning prize is still $500,000.

Catch new episodes of Alone on Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. EST on the History Channel. Previous seasons of the show are available to stream on Netflix.

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