Move up or stay put: Making sense of the Spurs' NBA Draft pick

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The NBA Draft Lottery results were officially announced Tuesday evening, May 17, before Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. The No. 1 overall pick went to the Orlando Magic for the first time since 2004. Maybe I reverse cursed them by mentioning their past lottery luck.

The Spurs landed the No. 9 overall pick, which was within the realm of the most probability. This is the first time San Antonio will pick in the top 10 since the 1997 draft, when they selected Tim Duncan first overall. That is if they do end up keeping the pick. There’s a chance the Spurs either trade up or trade down. The organization historically has such little trade history that it’s impossible to make a guess.

Instead, let’s look at a rough overview of their options. 

Trading up

The Spurs have the 9th overall pick, but they also have the 20th and 25th picks, two late first rounders. It’s more than possible they can put a package together with either two or all three picks to make a jump into the top 3. That would mean dealing with Houston, Oklahoma City, or Orlando. All three organizations are in hard rebuilds. There’s a chance they like where they sit, but there is a world where they want more picks. 

This all depends on if the Spurs have a specific player in mind and how they feel the other teams are leaning. This is usually why dealing around the top of the draft is difficult. Teams are constantly sending out rumors that may or may not be true, it’s hard to tell what’s a smokescreen and what might be legitimate. 

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