J.J. Watt loves on H-E-B, hates on Texas' notorious humidity

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J.J. Watt, the former Houston Texans star who gave back to H-town in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, is showing some love – and a bit of shade – to the Lone Star State once again. Watt left Houston for the Arizona Cardinals in 2021. But on Monday night, May 23, the three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Watt responded to a fan asking which of the literal hot places has it worse when it comes to the heat: Texas or Arizona.

“Houston by a mile,” Watt responded to the fan. “That humidity is no joke.”

Fans who have most likely never stepped foot in the Lone Star State quickly tried to check Watt, saying things like “humidity just doesn’t matter,” which anyone who has lived in Texas knows isn’t true. Watt also took a minute to prove his point after another fan asked about the dry heat of Arizona.

“In dry heat, you can step in the shade and immediately be cooler,” Watt clarified before talking about Houston’s heat. “In humidity, it could be 3am and you’d still be drenched with sweat the second you walk outside.”

We’ve all been there, even J.J. Watt.

In the midst of Watt reflecting on his time in Houston, one fan somehow took the 33-year-old’s diss on Houston’s heat as Watt not missing H-E-B, which seemed to have gotten Watt in his feelings.

“Hell yeah I miss HEB,” Watt tweeted. “Place is legendary and what Mr. Butt did during the hurricane relief efforts, I will never forget.”

Following the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, the Justin J. Watt Foundation raised over $40 million in relief funds, contributed toward the clean-up, repair, and rebuilding of more than 1,000 homes, more than 239 million free meals for residents, and health services and prescriptions for thousands of patients.

While there’s lots of things he misses about his time in Houston, Watt again reiterated his disdain for the humidity and added the city’s traffic into the mix. Who can blame him?

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